How Community Solar Works

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Community solar gives local residents all the benefits of clean, renewable energy without the hassle
and cost of a rooftop installation. Arrays of solar panels are installed in well–screened, sunny fields generating power that enables you to go green, save money and support your local economy.


Benefits of subscribing to our community solar farms are many, including:

  • Guaranteed savings on your electricity bill every month.

  • Little up-front cost — other than a small deposit to reserve your space which will be applied to your account. If you change your mind after paying a deposit, we will refund it.

  • Without installing a residential solar system on your home or property, you can still enjoy all the same ecological benefits.

  • Short or long-term agreements with monthly savings still guaranteed.

  • Cancel anytime — with 60 days notice — without any further costs or penalties.


Ready To Go Solar?

Going solar is easy. Joining one of our community solar farms is even easier. Simply complete the form and one of our solar specialists will get back to you to answer any of your questions — including how much money you’ll save — and walk you through the signup process.

You can also submit your request by phone at (518) 326-0259 or email at


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